Managed Adwords

Campaign Setup

We will diagnose and setup your advertising Google Adwords Campaign.


Our professional staff will access and manage your keywords associated with your various adwords ads.

Ad Groups

Through strategic planning we will create your various ad groups to group specific keywords related to your sales targets.

Adwords Stats

We will report and monitor your campaigns and provide performance reports.


We will manage your eCommerce product adwords listings and provide optimal ROI strategies for your product sales.

Social Ads

We will manage your business social profiles for you. Through our social strategies your business will perform.

About Online Advertising

With more than half the worlds population on the internet, any company would be heading for disaster if they did not communicate and operate on the platforms where the clients base can be found.

We encourage our customers to engage in Google Adwords adverting rather than spending large amounts of money on SEO to generate organic rankings. Through adwords your targeted keyword can be managed and monitored in real time and is not subject to changes in the algorithms changing.

Google Adwords offers the tools, and precise keyword targeting techniques that could improve your corporate identity, add to your sales or assist in brand building.

About our Adwords Professionals

Wynand Beukes

My first adwords campaign was during 2007, where I ran my first Google Adwords campaign. I fell in love with this advertising medium and have been promoting it since then.

Back in the day we did not have all the tools we have today, so targeting locations where a challenge, thank you Google for making our lives so much easier.

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